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Our special joy is finding ways to help the disabled. Scot has a positive outlook on life and a can-do attitude that has made Big Sky Imagination into the idea-building business that it is today! If you have an idea, let's talk and see what we can come up with.


At Big Sky Imagination, the sky is the limit!


Scot Browne has created several products for people with disabilities, utilizing TurboCAD for design and creating the finished product in his machine shop. He is also very willing to create new or custom products. Take a look at what Scot has created so far!



Current Products:

Big Sky Binocular and Camera Stand Product

Big Sky Rifle Rest for Wheelchair Product

Big Sky Fishing Pole Holder Product


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Customer Testimonial


One of our outdoor products for the disabled

About 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with a degenerative muscle disease (inclusion body myositis) which within a few years prohibited me from one of my favorite summer activities-checking out the activities in Southwest Harbor, Maine with my binoculars from my condo porch.

After an extensive internet search, I found Scot Browne’s site with a superb gadget for holding binoculars while in my wheelchair.

Once again, I’m checking out harbor activities!
It is truly a great, easy to use device and I recommend it to those of you challenged
by the weight of your binoculars.

It is well made and truly worth the rather modest price.

— Craig from Kansas



I have ordered the “Binocular and Camera Stand”, and found it to be a very useful and unique product that gave a solution for my need to look at nature sights for a long time, without any effort.


Scot was very patient and helped me understand the way to work with the stand with his kind guidance until I was 100% happy with the control of the mechanism and ability to function the product.


I highly recommend his company, and this specific product.

— Shay


The Rifle Rest in Action


It was very cool to watch a guy use the rifle rest at a Wounded Warrior event, a man who would not have been able to enjoy this type of activity without the rifle rest.


This is why we do what we do!




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